Ballantyne Fountain

Amenity Area & City Parks Design

"With over (400) Amenity Area and City Parks designed in the last (15) years, Pollock & Associates, Inc. has gained invaluable experience during this process. Our clients now receive professional service second to none due to the knowledge gained throughout those projects."

Jim A. Pollock

Amenity Area & City Park Design in the Atlanta Area and Throughout Georgia

Throughout the vast experience gained by designing over (400) Amenity Areas and City Parks, Pollock & Associates, Inc. provides a very organized Service Package to our clients. The potential pitfalls during the course of design and construction of Amenity Areas and City Parks are avoided due to this extensive experience. Our clients benefit greatly from this. Time frames and monetary expenses are lessened as the aesthetic experience is enhanced. We are competent in Construction Coordination of these projects as well. Pollock & Associates, Inc. does not leave our client to deal with the adversities of construction; we are there from start to finish.

Please check out our Amenity Area and City Parks Design Portfolio and then contact us with any questions you might have.